Do cat calming collars work?

Cats are always pictured as calm and serene pets. One of the reasons why people choose a cat for a pet is because of its apparent calm personality. The only real reason why cats are often compared to dogs because is because they are the most popular pets. Dogs are noted for their hyperactive personalities. Pet owners that cannot cope with the high energy dogs exude often opt to get a cat. Cats indeed are the embodiment of calmness. However, there are instances when a cat owner would need to deal with a stressed pet. A calming collar is one of the natural methods used to calm cats. Cat owners attest to the effectiveness of cat calming collars as it provides stress relief in minutes.

We humans know how debilitating a stressful situation can be. Our pets can get stressed and suffer from the effects of anxiety too. Cats are creatures of habit. Any change in the cat’s environment can get them physically and emotionally stressed. The introduction of a new pet, a new baby or a transfer to a new home may get a cat stressed. Loud sounds such as rumbling thunder, the blast of firecrackers and even a long trip by car would stress out a pet. Stressed out cats behave abnormally. Kitty can vault and be gone in seconds at the sound of thunder. Anxious pets can become aggressive. Highly stressed cats can also manifest destructive behaviour.

To prevent kitty from getting into dangerous situations, it is imperative for a pet owner to find ways to calm the cat down. Cat owners are now using cat calming collars instead of administering anti-anxiety medications given that sedatives are known to have side effects. Cat calming collars are products newly introduced to the market and are gaining acceptance among cat owner as it has been proven to mellow stressed out cats in minutes.

So what are cat calming collars? This new trend in calming cats is otherwise known as pheromone collar control. Pheromones are hormone molecules produced by the cat’s scent glands and released as gland secretions. The cat’s facial secretions and anal gland secretions contain small amount of pheromones. The cat’s paws also deposit pheromones to areas scratched. One of the main functions of pheromones is to mark the territory. Pheromones have an important role in a cat’s sexual activities. Studies of feline behaviour have proven that pheromones are vital factors in mother-kitten bonding. These pheromones are used by mother cats to cosset stressed out offspring. Natural herbs are known to have a calming effect on people and on animals. Ginseng, chamomile and lavender are effective stress-relief herbs. Cat owners are aware of the effects catnips have on felines. The combination of herbs creates a scent that mimics the pheromones produced and used by mother cats to calm the kittens.

Calming collars are new innovations that have replaced synthetic pheromone diffusers and sprays. Synthetic pheromone diffusers and sprays are only effective if the cat is confined in the designated room where the calming products are applied or used. Calming collars work anywhere the cat goes as the release of the pheromones will be sustained. A calming collar is a natural method of calming a cat. The fabric collars with its easy to clip plastic buckle contains a precise amount of dried herbs. The blend of fragrance provides the pet with relief from stress in minutes. Calming collars cost approximately R100.00, a worthy investment that will ensure the wellbeing of your kitty.


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