About the Paintings

Madonna and child

Carey is inspired by the likes of Rosina Wachtmeister and of course the Cat. The paintings are an example of naive art – a child-like expression of an imaginary universe where cats are personified with habits, behaviour and even stances and demonstrativeness of people. In Carey’s world cats and other stylised animals and creatures live in harmony – all enjoying the rainbow of crazy colours in a two dimensional world.
The paintings are generally large and painted in acrylic paint over stretched canvas.


About Carey
Cat CabaretWhen I first met Carey she didn’t meet me because she was being distracted by a cat. I tried very hard to impress this girl with my witty remarks and polite manners, to no avail. A large ginger tom was weaving its way around her legs, tail up and quivering with a desperate need for attention. It was the first time, but far from the last, that I felt the need to compete with another animal for the affections of this woman.

Carey has no memory of this occasion. No prizes for why. Such is the nature of the artist before us. Many of us have tried to persuade Carey to paint something other than cats: “ducks” I announced one day with a rush of blood to my voice box, “ducks are good, ducks work, they’re cute and they go quack…” I mean, how hard can it be? But NOOOOO, another painting of a cat was produced with sprightly aplomb.

Carey’s love for cats and their unique nature as top of the food chain, in her opinion, continue to shine out of Carey’s paintings. Look carefully at the pictures and you will notice feline personalities (or should that read catanalities?) shine through that you are bound to recognise from daily life.


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